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Smuggled Hope is a partnership between Open Doors UK, New Scottish Arts and the Creative Arts Network Scotland incorporating the creative arts to effectively communicate the message of Open Doors and provide Christian artists with a meaningful outlet to express their gifts.



Serving and strengthening persecuted Christians worldwide; equipping the local Church to be on her knees in prayer and on her feet in action.



Passionate about communicating the Christian message through the arts.



Supporting and encouraging Christian creative artists to share their faith and increase the opportunities, quality and impact of the Christian arts in Scotland.



Open Doors has supported people who are beaten, tortured, imprisoned and hated simply for following Jesus throughout the last six decades. Surviving persecution is rooted in paradoxes; peace within torture, courage within fear and unrelenting forgiveness defying zealous revenge. The glow of heroic faith has not faded the dignity of a dark struggle but instead continually points to the Hope, Love, Light and Salvation who is worth dying for. The story is not only of brokenness and suffering but also of victory, not because of any individual but because God is alive.



Our aim is to equip the church, serve the persecuted and encourage creative artists to challenge and inspire us all through the arts. We can raise awareness, build faith and practically support those who suffer. We need you to partner with us on this project!


To Musicians: Perform in the orchestra or band at events.

To Songwriters: Write new songs for the project album, Songs of Hope.

To Actors: Audition for parts in the God's Smuggler Theatre Tour across Scotland and other performance opportunities.

To Poets: Articulate and bring to life some of the stories and issues involved with original and emotive expression.

To Visual Artists: Create a work that reflects the brief and speaks to people in a different way to the other arts.

To Filmmakers & Photographers: Document and capture the project to inspire and challenge a wider audience.

To Other Creators: Explore how we can work together to support the project and support you.


Contact [email protected] to get involved!

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