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Jerry & Elizabeth Averill

Jerry & Elizabeth Averill have been partnering with New Scottish Arts for a few years now and we think they are wonderful!

A friend at Stirling Uni produced a video which will let you know more about what them and their work:


Jerry and Elizabeth Averill bring a strong and varied background into their work with New Scottish Arts. Experienced actors, writers, directors and teachers, they know the power of theater to convey Christian principles and stories.  Since joining NSA in 2012, the Averills have contributed their talents in drama for numerous events, churches, schools and communities across Scotland.


A gifted playwright, Jerry has written and directed the Dundee Nativity in 2013, and 2014.  Current projects include writing a new Nativity for Dundee, a play for Smuggled Hope that will premiere at the Fringe Festival, and new plays for the Christmas season.


Currently, Jerry and Elizabeth Averill are working with New Scottish Arts to reach young people throughout Scotland, using theatre and workshops with a Christian message.

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